Myths & Maladies (EP)

by Dogwood

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Myths and Maladies will eventually be a full-length album, but here's a taster for all ye impatient, silly, wonderful fans of mine.


released September 13, 2012

Aaron Joshua Shay is of the band The Mongrel Jews and the raddest kid out there for offering to make nice, shiny recordings.



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Dogwood Seattle, Washington

Hailing from the hedge and loam of Seattle's undergrowth, this chimerical songbird aims to weave historical and wax hysterical in the old-new traditions of mountain men, shantymen, and her fellow men as she tromps and twirls acro'st both ancient myth and accidental malady. This little troubadour delights in bringing life to the voices of the past, so come and share a pomegranate seed or two! ... more

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Track Name: Shark Week
As everyone with cable knows
The discovery Channel has one of the best shows
It's full of guts and gore and comes around once every year
Like a Santa Claus that inspired my deep-sea fears...
But for females it holds another meaning
Guys shudder at the mention of it in polite company
Just imagine the behemoths of the ocean
Fighting to the death for domination...
Inside your vagina

Oh, it really sucks being a girl sometimes
When your hormones have gone apeshit and your friends all think you've lost your mind
When you hate and love your best friend in one night
(And then you rip 'em a new one)
And you wake up the next morning and wonder why
You went batshit crazy

Strangers should not inspire poetry
It's just your damn fucked-up biology
Like a chorus of dying cats in heat!
Except different I guess, because the last thing you want is sex
So I think I'll post a sign onto my rear
'Tread careful all ye who enter here'
There's sharks in the shallows and blood on the water
(Sorry, that was gross...)

Cuz it's Shark Week again!
Shark Week again
Once a month I eat all my friends
Shark Week again

Don't get between me and my chick flicks
I haven't cried since yesterday and I need my fix
Sitting in a dark room, a box of tissues and Sixth Sense
I lose it every time we find out Bruce Willis is dead!
So if you ever see a girl is stressing
Never ask the dreaded question 'Are you PMSing?'
It won't matter if you're right or wrong
If you want to save your life, just remember this song;

It's Shark Week again!
Shark Week again
Chocolate is my best friend
Shark Week again

Oh yes it's Shark Week again!
Shark Week again
A Falcon Punch to the ovaries that never ends
Shark Week again

Oh yes it's Shaaaaark
Track Name: Ballad of the Pychopomp
Counted up the death toll this New Years
Found that I was short a soul or two
Looking around, there was blood on the ground
And the vacant eyes showed not a trace of fear

I rode o'er the valleys and crossed the oceans wide
Searching for the one that got away
But when I saw it was you, well my heart burst in two
Didn't think that this would be your day

Oh, whatcha been doing?
Oh, to the folks back home
I hope that you know now
That neither me or God will ever leave you alone

Don't call me a hopeless romantic
Don't think that I am anyone to judge
It's just that I believe in better days
Although it's true that death can conquer love

I am the one that ferries souls to heaven
It's not a job for the weak at heart
But I'll carry on long after you are gone
And the loneliness will tear me apart


I'm doing my time until my time comes
I'm doing my time till it comes
I'm doing my time till I see that light
I'm doing my time till it comes

Yes, I'm doing my time until my time comes
I'm doing my time till it comes
I'm doing my time till I cross the line
I'm doing my time till it comes...

Track Name: Lost Boys (feat. Aaron Shay)
The gulls and the crows are in the midst of a turf war
It's a screaming song of sadness that I've heard somewhere before
Didn't you say the same thing while we waited for the train?
Well we saw the lightning, we chased the black storm
Followed it down the tracks till the early morning
Electricity bleeding with the dawn

Seagulls never get lost on their way to the sea
So if you're not a seagull don't worry
Just get lost with me

Picking out the feathers from your hair one by one
You're flustered and you're honest and that's attractive to some
I don't see you as a burden, your wing is broken just like mine
Tanning on the rooftop, ship-shape, sails drop
Roaring over this lonely ocean and we can't stop
Lost Boys don't give a shit about unhappy thoughts


Lost Boys don't give a shit about unhappy thoughts
Lost Boys don't give a shit about unhappy thoughts
Lost Boys don't give a shit about unhappy thoughts
Lost Boys don't give a shit about it

These air currents are sublime, though we've had our rough times
As long as you're happy I'll have my peace of mind
I wouldn't want this leviathan city to catch you in its jaws
If the winds blow us apart for miles
We can still kill pirates with our crocodile smiles
Let's stay lost...for a while